Wendy’s Secret Menu

Wendy's secret menu is seriously special. While these items won't appear on their regular menu, these treats are well known to local customers, and renowned for a tingling the taste buds!

What is Secret Menu

In a certain Wendy's location, the regular menu may not have items that are generally found at other locations. However, there's no need to worry. The friendly staff may be willing to create the food on your request, and to your tastes.

Two Items on Wendy’s Secret Menu

The Grand Slam and Banyard are two seriously tasty food items to feature on the secret menu, especially if you like your burgers filled with juicy meats.

For those looking for a hit of protein, look no further than the Grand Slam burger. It's a simple concept, with 4 thick all-beef patties, a slice of cheese at the top and bottom, and lettuce. Known also as the meat cube, this is one for the conventionalists who don't really want a tasty burger without diversity. Additional layers of cheese can be added to make this gastro-giant even tastier.

Wendy's barnyard is a mix of beef, spicy chicken, and bacon, and promises to satisfy even the biggest hunger pangs. The burger features a chicken patty, beef patty, crispy bacon, cheese, fresh lettuce and tomato, all served on soft buns. While packed with protein, this delicious burger provides an exciting dining experience that is truly satisfying.

As you can assume from the amount of ingredients, the price of these burgers may vary, so it's worth checking according to your location. While the price may be northwards, they are seriously worth it if you're looking to satisfy some serious hunger. 

The Grand Slam is a key favourite, and while just a few patties are enough to satisfy, the four patties featured here are sure to keep you going for hours. It's advisable to have an empty stomach before ordering... 

What's more, additional extras and condiments are available to cater these glorious burgers.

Foie Gras Burger

A true Japanese delicacy meal in a burger! The term foie gras is essentially, a burger topped with goose liver, and this burger is one for the experimental burger lovers out there.