KFC Secret Menu

A tantalising range of interesting additions to the KFC menu, promises to transform your dining experience. From the tasty customised hot pocket bowl, to the Triple Down, the KFC Secret Menu has something for every taste. Here, we take a sneak-peek at some of the delicious dishes, to help you make the perfect choice the next time you're at a KFC outlet.

The KFC secret menu items are below:

Build-Your-Own Bowl

For those fussier eaters, the build-your-own-bowl option is perfect. Not only can you add anything on KFC's menu into your bowl, but you can get creative, building a one-of-a-kind personal bowl just for you! Whether you like to smother your French fries in gravy, or like your friend chicken with mashed potatoes, this KFC build-your-own-bowl is a great choice for you. 

Hot Pocket Bowl

Comprising of a pocket of dough with chicken, the KFC hot pocket bowl also has loads of cheese, gravy and corn, so makes for a tastier alternative to the the regular KFC bowl. Not all KFC outlets have the ingredients of the hot pocket bowl, so it's worth checking with your local restaurant first.


A Canadian delicacy, poutine can be ordered in most KFC fast food outlets, and consists of a large plate of French fries served along with piping hot cheese curds, topped with gravy. It's worth checking with your local restaurant to make sure they have the ingredients to prepare poutine. 

Triple Down

Following on from the heavyweight double down, KFC has introduced something of a mammoth triple down sure to satisfy even the largest of appetites. This monstrous creation may not be the healthiest, but it sure is the tastiest. Using the same ingredients as the double down, the triple down is enhanced by adding chicken patty, extra cheese and extra bacon, giving your taste buds an explosion of flavour.

Thanks to the secret menu, you can also add tasty extras:


The great thing with the secret menu, is the ability to upgrade and tailor your meals. KFC allow you to add extra bacon to any entrée item, simply by asking staff at the counter. Whether you're adding bacon to a bowl, chicken sandwich or any regular menu item, it's your choice. It's always worth checking with your local restaurant, as price and availability of bacon may vary.

Mashed Potatoes

Why not ask the KFC staff to add creamy mashed potatoes in rich gravy on a dish of your choice? A tasty, comforting side, mashed potatoes are available to be added to any food item on request.

Biscuits on the Side

Those who dine at KFC regularly are used to the complementary biscuits provides on the side of a meal. Perfect for those sweet-tooth cravings after an entrée, why not order biscuits as a side? They taste great with butter, honey or enjoyed simply on their own.